All About Me

Hi, I'm Derek Wilson and I'm a engineer, designer and developer from Saskatoon, Canada. I love thinking in the shower, sleeping under the stars, and the last bite of ice cream cones.

A Brief History

Born and raised in Saskatoon, I began my lifelong education at Saskatoon Preschool where some of my accolades included participatory ribbons in both 'Duck, Duck, Goose' and 'Nap time' distinctions that I have been hard pressed to outdo in my years since. Fast forward through twenty some odd years of recesses, macaroni necklaces, and homework and I've now finished my degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan and spent several years working in the industry. Not one to let school or work interfere with my education I've also spent a considerable amount of time learning web & graphic design and web development not to mention a little world travel, performing arts and a sprinkling of sports.

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My Interests

Graphic & Web Design

I've been building websites since elementary school and although those Geocities masterpieces aren't around anymore the knowledge I've gained from years of practice continues to accumulate. The web is a ever-changing landscape which makes it both challenging and exciting. Thanks to innovations in education I can keep up to date with the latest best-practices through blogs, books and more.

Engineering & Technology

I've always been a tinkerer; finding out how things work, taking them apart and seeing what makes them tick. This curiosity is what led me to a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I love solving problems and engineering is basically one big, complicated puzzle. I pride myself in my ability to translate from nerd-speak to common English so I can spread my affection of cool technology to those who can benefit from it.


I think travel can really help to change a person's perspective and in that regard I've been fortunate enough to travel to a fair number of countries in my life. Most recently I spent 2 months backpacking in South East Asia where I trekked with elephants in Thailand, saw the sunset over the Angkor temples in Cambodia and SCUBA dove with turtles in the Philippines. I can't wait for another adventure.


I fell in love with acting early in life. It was a fun escape from reality and great way to share a laugh with strangers. I was lucky enough to create a theatre company with some friends (Capa Pasa) from high school and we wrote and produced our own shows across Western Canada. Though I haven't done anything recently, I'm always drawing inspiration for the next great Fringe festival production.


Few things bring people together like great food. And, I mean, if you gotta eat you might as well have some fun with it. My friends and family know that when I get inspired I hit the kitchen like a storm (often leaving a wake of dirtied dishes behind). The kitchen is like a laboratory that I get to experiment in everyday, and I love to share the results of my research with others.