A Whole New Host

Written by Derek Wilson on April 23rd, 2009

Hello Internet,

This concerns the approximately 0 people that read my blog before I moved from a free-webhost. (Sure it was free and everything but FTP was awful) to paid hosting (www.diywebhosting.ca which seems to be pretty awesome and affordable so far).¬† You might have noticed that all my posts are gone, fear not because they didn’t contain anything worthwhile anyways. So let’s move on.

I sure a question on everyone’s (well to be honest, probably no one’s… yet) mind is; what are you going to being writing on this fancy blog. The answer is simple; what ever I feel like. However, I promise you this, it will not be some lame diary for me to spill my heart out on. (ie. Not what I’m currently doing) I intend on writing things that I believe people will find beneficial. I’d ideally like to set up a weekly chedule of themed posts. I’ve been thinking something like this:

Monday- “Mixtape Monday” – A playlist of music I’ve been listening to lately to start your week off right.

Wednesday – Random Review – A review of something I’ve seen, consumed, read, ect that I feel you should know about.

Friday¬†– Essential Apps – A feature I’ve been brainstorming about for quite a while. I would like to feature one “essential application” that I use on a regular basis on my computer that I think you should too.

Saturday – Morning Cartoon – I stole this idea from the D.I.Y blog, but I think it’s an awesome idea. Heck, the only reason I read the paper during the week is for comics, why not feature one of my favorites each week.

Let me know what you think in the comments or you know… don’t.

So will this rather ambitious plan work out? Or will my dreams be crushed by reality.
Tune in next week for:

A Noise Annoys and Oyster OR A Plane, a Train and an Autonomous Robot.

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